Program Exhibitions, Performances

Time Shifts
3-day group performance and exhibition

Yuko Kaseki, Klaus Boegel, Miki Kadokura, Jan Grashof, Motonori Inagaki

1 – 3 October 2021 (Friday to Sunday)
Weltkunstzimmer, Ronsdorfer Str. 77 a, 40233 Düsseldorf

Age(ing) – a social phenomenon that can be proven with facts and figures – is turned into a generally accessible draft of an empathetic statement with the means of art. From the results of the first research phase, the artists Yuko Kaseki, Miki Kadokura, Motonori Inagaki, Klaus Boegel and Jan Grashof have developed positions that they will present to the public on October 1, 2 and 3 in Düsseldorf’s Weltkunstzimmer. An important foundation stone has thus been laid for further explorations and artistic research in and with Japan in 2022, in which the artists will further sharpen and supplement their draft statements.

In our virtual 360° tour you can now experience performances and exhibition again with your cell phone, computer or VR glasses!

Virtuel exhibition and performance

Photos TAIFUN (Copyright)

The positions:

Yuko Kaseki

subtle distance between …
with a Sound-Installation of Echo Ho
costume: Tina Miyake

Knots, entwinements
Unraveling, loosening
moment by moment, linking the space
We are here – to be now
to be here

»subtle distance between …« explores the dignity of existence, its moments of dissolution and its subtle intertwinings with the present.

Foto: TAIFUN (Copyright)

Klaus Boegel


During transitions in life, the known and familiar must be left behind in order to be able to engage with the new and unknown … In his performative approach, Klaus Boegel explores the body as an archive of experience and the fluidity of experience and changeability.

Foto: Klaus Boegel (Copyright)

Miki Kadokura

Future – Felicity – Past
Installation and performance

Is the present only a swinging frequency? Where the voice of joy reaches, the future and the past can be at the same time. Miki Kadokura invites the audience to discover the forest of joy as an archive of our societies.

Foto: Miki Kadokura (Copyright)

Jan Grashof

Leben: Eine Erzählanleitung
Performance Lecture

with Ingo van Gulijk (acting) & Tobias Stutz (cello)

Together with actor Ingo van Gulijk and cellist Tobias Stutz, Jan Grashof interweaves reading, lecture, and performance to shed light on the subtle entanglements of scientific, social, and personal narratives of aging.
Foto: TAIFUN (Copyright)

Motonori Inagaki

100 years
Exhibition: photographs, drawings, video installations and performance

Most of us did not exist 100 years ago – and will not exist 100 years from now. But when we connect with our parents, our children, our families, 100 years becomes tangible. We think time is unchangeable. But is it really? »One long day«, »a lifetime in the blink of an eye« … We jump back and forth in time, reversing it, stopping it. We live in a fluctuating time.

Foto: Motonori Inagaki (Copyright)