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A Project for an Aging World

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In the coming months, German and Japanese artists, scientists, and practitioners will get together to take a look at virtually everybody’s future. From numerous perspectives and in diverse, engaging ways. PLUS creates an experimental forum, inviting you to take part in an inquiry into the nature, the individual and socio-cultural circumstances, and the possible futures of age(ing). What do these look like? And are we – both as a society and as individuals – ready for them? Or do we have to rethink age(ing)? Find out more


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Let's find out more about age(ing) with a little help of yours.

Time Shifts. 3-day group performance and exhibition. From October 1 to 3, at Weltkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf, Yuko Kaseki, Klaus Boegel, Miki Kadokura, Jan Grashof and Motonori Inagaki showed their artistic positions developed from the first research phase. Learn more or visit directly the virtual 360° tour!

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