Who Weltkunstzimmer, Institution

The Weltkunstzimmer is the art centre of the Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation in Düsseldorf. Its programme consists of exhibitions, the concert series Musikzimmer, performances and presentations from dance and theatre, workshops, talks, the film festival Urban Space Videowalk and the Weltkunstzimmer Residency. In addition, the Weltkunstzimmer regularly promotes collaborations from the fields of art, theatre, dance, film and music (e.g. the International Dance Fair NRW, Tanzrecherche, the ASPHALT Summer Festival of the Arts or die digitale – Festival for Digital Art and Music and many more). The Weltkunstzimmer sees itself as a place for mindful contemplation: its cultural projects pursue the task of reflecting on the relationship between art and society. As an open place, it aims to create a space for living, exchanging, reflecting and experimenting, where both artists and experts from diverse disciplines are inspired and challenged to come up with idiosyncratic ideas and presentations.