Who Klaus Boegel, Art

Visual and Performance Artist

The spectrum of Klaus Boegel’s work ranges from performances to interactive installations and multi-media projects. His special interest in the effect (and healing power) of art has led him since the mid-seventies to develop various forms and projects that seek direct, sometimes individual contact with recipients.


Artist Mission

»Your are your body.«
Alexander Lowen

The body is not something we have, but what we are. It is our intelligence. It is the way we organize our experience of ourselves and our world. Through the body we experience the world and these experiences leave traces in it. All experiences, injuries, mistakes, joy, suppression, fear and hope find their expression here, they materialize in the body. Thus our body becomes an archive of our life. If on the one hand the memory capacity and physical fitness decreases, on the other hand the experiential knowledge increases. The body archive fills up. It is a worthwhile undertaking to perceive and explore our own body as an archive of our experiences. Certain parts of the body are connected with drastic experiences. Making contact with these parts of the body, for example through visual exercises, can open the archive and provide access to this wealth of experience. Intuitively, sensuously, sequences of experiences and meaningful connections open up, which can lead to a new perspective on one’s own life.


The Body Archive

Wednesday, 28.08.2021
14.30 – 17.00
Theater Museum Düsseldorf, Jägerhofstr. 1, 40479 Düsseldorf

In this workshop, participants learn to explore their own bodies as carriers of a (hidden) biography. With the help of specific sensitization exercises and visual means, experiences and memories archived in the body are made visible and narratable in order to gain a deeper and renewed understanding of the individual life story in cooperative (also intergenerational) processes.